Liberty Academy: Weekly Newsletter

September 6th, 2021

Preliminary Note: My apologies on the background but we had some great hot dog barbecues in week one.

It's been a few months since our last update and we've got a number of changes taking place within our school:

  • Almost half of our students are new to LA.
  • Every student has a customized schedule this fall in order help them better optimize their time while working around life, family schedules, attendance barriers, and vocation.
  • Letter grades and traditional course credit will no longer be used at LA as the vehicle to report progress or mastery. They have been replaced with subsets of skill based competencies that are specific to the things we value and the framework we use.

We've spent most of our first two weeks getting to know our students again and working to ensure that they're comfortable with our processes. Last week much of our time was spent making sure that every student worked with a team of advisors to build out their own calendar of activity and interest (a process they'll do each month) so that they can better learn how to plan, manage, and take advantage of all the opportunities we'll be offering this fall:

  • Over 60 off-site trips per month
  • Over 15 "Learn How To" workshops per week (Photography, Media, Cooking, Sewing, etc.)
  • Daily + Weekly Goal Setting
  • Daily Math + Social/Emotional Workshops

We're excited about where we're headed as we work to build an even more progressive framework of student ownership, customizable opportunity, alumni interaction, and real-time communication.

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Our Schedule This Week

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Our Week/Month In Pictures:

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Weekly Student Spotlight: Returning September 12th

How many semesters have you been at Liberty Academy:

Favorite Past Project:

Project I’m currently working on:

Place I would like to visit:

Favorite food:

Favorite place to eat out:

Do you work and if so were and how many hours:

What would you like to do after high school:

My hidden Talent:

What I most Like about going to the Liberty Academy:

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Alumni Announcements:

  • Alumni barbecue date coming soon for October.
  • If you've recently changed phone numbers or email addresses please contact Mr. Smith at 816-522-9808 or with your new information.
  • We need all past alumni to schedule a time to come in and sign our "Senior Showcase" wall.
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Need A Job? Want To Get Back In School? Need Financial Assistance? Want To Volunteer Around KC?

Weekly Alumni Spotlight: Returning on September 12th

I graduated from Liberty Academy in:

I attended Liberty Academy for:

What are you currently doing in life?

What are you most proud of at this stage in your life?

What are your plans for the future?

What is the best advice I could give to current students at liberty academy?

What’s the one thing you appreciate most about your time at liberty academy now that you’ve moved onto a different stage of your life?

Things We Need to Purchase, Repurpose, or Find:

  • Stencils and paint of any kind
  • Culinary supplies of any kind
  • Pizza Oven
  • Outdoor Meat Smoker
  • Resources for making/designing clothing
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Thank You

We say it every week. What we do for kids at Liberty Academy wouldn't be possible without the partnership, generosity, and effort of so many. Our school is designed for sustainable growth and personalized exploration. It takes a village and we appreciate your help.