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Is Coffee a part of Paleolithic Diet?

Paleolithic diet is all about eating the foods that occur naturally as done by our ancestors and avoiding modern foods in order to maintain one’s overall health. One of the very basic question most people have when they are ready to try the paleo style dieting is that, ‘what about their morning coffee?’ There are millions of people who love coffee and drink them on a day-to-day basis, finding out whether coffee is an acceptable drink as a part of their paleo diet is one of the most important questions that has to be answered for many.

The Effect of Coffee

When an individual consumes coffee it wards off the general sluggishness or drowsiness by stimulating the central nervous system, this process is carried out by caffeine, the main stimulant that is present in coffee. It also acts as a diuretic. But on the other hand long term consumption of coffee has led to various side effects such as headaches, sleeplessness, fatigue, sluggish behavior, hindrance in the insulin activity and it also has adverse effects in the adrenal gland.

Coffee and Paleo

Individuals who are trying to adapt to a strict diet and obtain maximum benefits from their paleo dieting life style should always avoid consuming coffee. Paleo diet aims mainly in consuming foods that help in maintaining the energy levels along with well-maintained and healthy lifestyle. Avoiding coffee can have significant benefits such as augmented energy levels along with avoiding various other complications caused by consumption of coffee. People who are finding it to quit coffee can switch to consuming green tea which has decreased levels of caffeine along with plenty of anti-oxidants that are essential for maintaining the overall health. Dieting revisited website is an online portal provides exhaustive information about paleo dieting and sells informative e-books, pod casts and membership programs related to paleo dieting.