7th grade end of the year party

Party is from 8:00am-7:00pm



Burger Bonanza: y=10x+20

Pizza Palace: y=9.25x+61.25


Jumpin' Jacks: y=54x+84

Hoppin' Around: y=75x

Food Proposal

Proposed Plan: I propose that woth the budget of 1,000 dollers that 100 students could attend. This will be able to happen by useing pizza planet because for larger parties that company is cheeper.

Entertainment Proposal

Proposed plan: I propose that with the budget of 750 dollers we can have the bounce house for 11 hours. This can happen if we use Jumpin' Jack's company because with the rate per hour and fee for set up and removal it will alow us to have the bounce house this long and have money left over.
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Rebekah Swyers (manager of event)

Will be glad to take any questions about the party. Just contact me and i will gat right back to as soon as possible.