Effects of Texting while Driving

When texting while driving, the driver is twenty three times more likely to crash than a normal driver. This shows it does not take much for texting while driving to ruin someone's life.

Many people choose to put all their attention on their phones rather than their safety on the road,endangering many civilians. For example, a lady recklessly hit a cyclist"...biking across country for charity...the lady was texting while driving"(Kobola,1). This lady put an end to an innocent cyclist life because of her lack of attention on the road. This lady chose to use her phone instead of ensuring safety by checking the road affecting the cyclist hit by her.

Texting while driving can also crush someone's dreams they have strived toward their whole life. A successful high school football star had"...[his] dreams of playing sports shattered...because the oncoming driver was texting and driving"(Lowry 1).This high school football star could not pursue his dreams because one person was on their phone instead of checking the road. If the person did not text and drive, then the football star could have pursued his scholarships in college without the effect of texting while driving.

In conclusion, the article has shown the devastating effect of texting while driving. Performing this action can result in brutal consequences sometimes resulting in a loss of life. Texting while driving is a reckless action that should be avoided at all cost.


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