Jack The Ripper

Basic Information

A devious man, Jack The Ripper, was a serial killer in 1888. He was tied to 5 murders, all female prostitutes. His identity is one of the English's most famous unsolved mysteries.
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Jack The Ripper was just his nick name, his identity was the real mystery. Committing 5 murders from August 7 to September 10, 1888, all within one mile from each other, Jack The Ripper could have been anybody and the police had no substantial leads. The motive of these murders is still a mystery as well.

Media Portrayal

One way the media portrayed the murders was by calling the murders very gruesome and unusual, to really impact the peoples and introduce fear into their everyday living. This made the Whitechapel district a very dangerous place to be at night.

Another way the media portrayed the murders was through a feminist lens. They made the crimes have less of a magnitude because these women were prostitutes. They focused more on the fact that these women were prostitutes, which was a popular career at the time, than focusing on the facts that these women were brutally mutilated. The media also pushed the fact that if you become a prostitute you'll be murdered just like these women.


There is a great deal of Feminist criticism surrounding these murders. Some people of that time period believed that because his victims were prostitutes, the crimes weren't such an awful thing. Today, people even honor Jack The Ripper by celebrating anniversary of the days he killed. Through this critical lens the media glamorizes being a murder and killing prostitutes.

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One well-known bias on the subject is that the letters that were sent to the London Police were a hoax, these letters were where the first use of the nickname "Jack The Ripper" originated. These letters were most likely written by a local journalist to fluff up the story to make it more interesting so people would purchase the newspaper more often, others say they were just sent to mess with the heads of investigators. These letters have also gone through intense tests and have been analyzed by many top researchers and forensics specialists which have noted that the letters are most likely fakes.