By: Dustin Graf


What is speed?

Speed is rapidity of movement or action.

Factors of the design of my dragster

I put like a wind deflector in the front of the car to help push the air around it. I kept the top level so air can glide over it. I also took some wood off the side to lesson the weight. I put a little flap like wood thing at the end with it cut through on the sides to have the air flow through it evenly. I also cut some wood out to lesson weight.

This is a picture of my car.

Wind turbines

Wind turbines is a great source of technology because it gives us electricity without us having to do anything. The wind pushes the turbines fans to make it spin and give us electricity.


Factors for a good car

You need to make sure your car is aerodynamic so the air doesn't slow it down. You also need to take off wood when your building so it is nice and light. You should also make sure you axle and launch holes are a nice clean cut.

Best features for my car

The wind deflector in front really made a difference in making the car go. Also my car may not look like the lightest but its lighter than you would expect.

Negative stuff on my car

It was hard to sand it so the air wont glide as easily.

This is a picture of a real dragster

How fast I think my dragster went

I think my dragster went 8mph.


What turned out well

I actually won my first round when no one thought I would move on. When I was racing nothing broke on it. Also my car crossed the line.

What did I enjoy the most

I would have to say I liked pressing the c02 button to make the cars go. Also using the band saw was pretty fun.

What could I do better and how could I improve it

I think I could sand better. Next time if i'm doing a complicated projected like this I should give it more time to sand.

My least favorite part

My least favorite part was probably doing the poster because I don't get to do anything hands on.