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A radiologist diagnoses injuries, diseases, or disorders by using technology such as X-Rays, MRIs, PETs, or CTs. Although they do not directly operate these machines, they speak to the doctor about the results to come up with a correct diagnosis.


To become a radiologist you must have a bachelor's degree. If you are a pre-medicine student you must meet prerequisites for math, biology, organic and inorganic chemistry, physics, and humanities. Radiologists also need to go to medical school. During medical school training is also required. Students work about 60 hours per week. After medical school radiologists need a license. For this field of work high academic performance and high test scores are needed.


Radiologists usually work at hospitals or outpatient diagnostic centers. Due to new technology, images can be transmitted to any computer with internet connection and a high-resolution monitor. This is called telemedicine.


Generally a radiologist would earn between $273,000 and $490,000 per year. Average pay would be about $375,000. Their pay would depend on their location for example, someone who works in a large city like Dallas, Tx would earn more than someone who works in a small town like Seminole, Tx.

Radiologists in action

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