The city of Pompeii

The falling

The life in pompeii

the town of pompeii,located 5 miles from the mountian,was a popular resort for romes most exclusive citizens. travlers,townspeople, and townslaves went in and out of small factories, shops,and cafes everyday. the townpeople would gather and relax in open-air squares and marketplaces. the people of pompeii were kind to one another and i guess you could say neighborly

Mount. Vesuvius

mount vesuvius is mainly know for its eruption in 79 A.D. on the city of pompeii,but this is still one of the most active volcainos in rome. it last erupted in in 1944 and hasnt showed any signs of it erupting again.

these are photos of the bodies that were burned in the eruption and there is also a picture of pompeii today

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