Friday Review

Friday, May 25, 2018

Thoughts from Mrs. Lewis....

GOOD LUCK TO YOU! I hope that you enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend! I wish you all the best as testing continues this week. Have a great week!


  • For the remainder of the school year, if you have students in your classroom at the end of the day, please station yourself in the doorway to be able to monitor students in the hallway and in the classroom. The expectation is that students leave each day on the green in a quiet and orderly manner. All staff members not on duty should station themselves in the hallway/cafeteria and enforce hallway expectations each day for the remainder of the year.
  • Cumulative Folders / Report Cards / EOY Checklist - Please know all staff must complete their cumulative folders and prepare report card envelopes BEFORE going home for the summer. ALSO, the EOY checklist must be signed by all staff members indicated on the form to ensure all EOY duties are completed. (Please do not leave campus for the summer without these items being complete.)
  • EOY checklist - The EOY checklist has been placed in your box. (hot pink) All forms to be completed (indicated in the from) will be copied and placed in the mailroom with the exception of the class list form. It is attached. Class lists should be completed electronically and sent to Mrs. Lewis before the end of the year. Follow all directions carefully.
  • Class Lists - Please use the attached class list form to complete the class lists for the upcoming year 2018-19. This should be done electronically keeping in mind all parameters listed on the form. Save the form as follows...7th grade Class 1 - T. Johnosn, 7th grade Class 2 - Oswald, etc.
  • There will be a faculty vs. student basketball game for students that earn it. Students that receive any ISS or OSS will not be eligible to attend. Stay tuned for the date and time.
  • TESTING ARRIVAL - Please make sure you are arriving to school much earlier than usual (7:45 or earlier). Please help us out by arriving early so that Mr. Dunham is free to leave and train proctors no later than 8. Thanks so much!!!
  • TESTING REMINDERS: Please utilize homeroom time to get students to the bathroom. It is important that students come in and get settled quickly so testing can begin on time.
  • Remediation Schedules...Mrs. Lewis will get with grade levels this week in order to determine your remediation / daily schedules from now until the end of school. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THIS TIME IS TAKEN SERIOUSLY. Laserlike instruction could be a major difference in your proficiency scores, before and after. Keep in mind, students can flip flop between teachers. Sometimes hearing and getting instruction from someone else could make a difference.
  • The schedule for June 11 - 15 will be as follows... Monday - Remediation; Tuesday - Science Re-testing; Wednesday - Reading Retesting; Thursday - Math Retesting; Friday - Finish up Testing for any 2 dayers; Thank you to all who have agreed to help out! You rock!!!
  • Awards - Information on schedule and who is doing what will be in your box by the end of the week.
  • (From Cabinet) Please share with Math teachers: TEXTBOOK EVALUATION ADVISORS NEEDED FOR GRADES K-8 MATHEMATICS 2018 TEXTBOOK ADOPTION. Interest will be considered in the areas listed; Grades K-5 Mathematics, Grades 6-8 Mathematics, Exceptional Children, English Learners - send Dr. McRae the names of those who will participate (Are you interested? Please let me know if you would like to participate.)

  • (From Cabinet) IMPORTANT! Teachers, please make sure that you archive your GoGuardian Classroom after you have completed instruction and have NO need to monitor student Chromebooks. Archiving your GoGuardian Classroom will ensure that students will not encounter access issues when they begin classes again in August.

    For help with archiving your GoGuardian Classroom, please access instructions through the following link.

  • (From Cabinet) Reminder: School Board Policy 3410 states that EOC, CTE, and NC Final Exams count 20% of the final grade for students. Kim Provens has made the adjustment in PowerSchool.

General Reminders

  • his week's SIT minutes can be viewed at:
  • ABSENCES: Please know that your attendance is needed for the remainder of school due to testing, retesting and remediation. Please make every attempt to avoid absences.
  • Supervision: As we move closer to the end of year, it is vital we are more vigilant. Student behaviors escalate so it is important we keep students on task.
  • Coaches and teachers that have regular after school meetings (robotics, tutoring, etc.) Afterschool Snacks - School Nutrition Services can provide After school snacks for any organized after school program for students, sports, tutoring, clubs etc. would like to have 24 hour notification.
  • Want to work STEM Camp? Passport to STEM grant teacher application
  • This is through a grant; a summer camp will be held; $25 per hour; must keep detailed records to prove the monies are spent as stated; materials will be provided; any staff who would like to teach should complete the form; make sure to add T-Shirt size; application deadline is May 25;

  • FUNDRAISER AND FIELD TRIPS - If you plan to begin the 2018-2019 school year with a fundraiser or field trip, please go ahead and submit this information to Ms. Audrey (fundraisers) and Ms. Brayboy (field trips). Last minute and/or emergency field trip approvals should be avoided. It is that time already! Don't get caught in the rush of Fall deadline. Submit your field trip requests for next year NOW! Visit. Field trip forms and information are located: See Ms. Brayboy or Ms. Kingston if you have questions or concerns regarding field trips.
  • Jamie Synan will be conducting a PBIS Walkthrough on May 22nd at 10:00am. Please ensure you know the PBIS motto (R.O.A.R.) and can answer basic questions about our PBIS system.
  • Check this information out about Scotland County Data - Very interesting
  • BATHROOMS: Please look in before students use the restroom and afterwards to ensure our bathrooms are left tidy. We want to keep writing off the walls and ensure our bathrooms are clean for our students.
  • Contact Gale McNeill if you are interested in completing the School Bus Class to be able to drive buses (276-8912)
  • May 23: We are having a STAFF Pasta Party on Wednesday, May 23rd, to build energy for the testing days. Please sign up this week in the mailroom!

  • We need help getting proctors...Do you know of anyone that could help? Churches? Businesses? Family? Please see Mr. Dunham.
  • If you are not on salary installments, you will be seeing double deductions in April and May for health, dental and vision and in your last paycheck in May. If want to be on installments next year, please fill out form on the SCS website by July 31.
  • ATTENTION: Please do not send school-wide emails without administrator approval. This includes game changes, plate sales, general announcements, etc.
  • REPORT CARDS - In reviewing student report cards, there are class after class that doesn't have a comment. Please know that comments are an expectation to provide parents feedback, good or bad.
  • If students communicate suicidal or homicidal intentions to you, your FIRST point of contact should be an administrator IMMEDIATELY. Do NOT email administration. Call for them in the front office and inform staff that it is an emergency.
  • Teachers, mark your calendars! We will need you for remediating and re-testing at the end of the year. Please make plans to be available to help out. We usually see HUGE gains in proficiency with strategic planning!!! (After EOGs and on the work days for retesting)
  • Make sure to notify administration or Mrs. Fehlman when you suspect child abuse or neglect. See the agreement between SCS and DSS here:

End of Year Calendar

Monday, May 28- Memorial Day Holiday- No School

Tuesday, May 29 - Make-up Testing & Test over 2 days

Wednesday, May 30 -Reading/ ELA End of Grade Testing

Thursday, May 31 - Reading/ELA Make- up Testing

Friday, June 1: Math End of Grade Testing

Saturday, June 2: Free Sports physicals at the High School

Monday, June 4: Math End of Grade Testing Make Ups
Tuesday, June 5: Staff Meeting

Thursday, June 7: 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Thursday, June 7: PBIS/AR Luau

Friday, June 8: 6th/7th Grade Awards Day

Friday, June 8: Last Day of School/Dismiss @ Noon

Grades 3-8:

June 11: EOG Booster Remediation Day 8:30-12:30 Middle School

June 12-14: 3-8 Testing (All Optional Work Days)

8:30-12:30 Middle School (Parents will be notified if testing ends earlier with the option to pick up students before 12:30)

Items for the Friday Review are due to Ms. Audrey Kingston every Thursday by noon.