All About Me

Ma vie jusqu'a present

my birthday is November 2nd 1997.i was born on an amy base in portcamble kentucky. when i was two weeks old i moved to louisiana.when i was two my mom and step dad got married. when i was 8 i moved to guam.when i was 11 i moved to arkansas. i moved around a lot because my step dad and my mom were in the military. my step dad was in the air force for 26 years and my mom was in the army for 3

Ma famille

my moms name is Karrie. my step dads name is Al. my sisters names are Allison, Chesnie, Rachael, Justina, and Serria.i have two dogs named bella and cooper.

choses que j'aime faire

quand je suis grand je veux etre une pasteur de jeunesse ou une missionaire

i love telling others about god and i love teaching people my age. i love to travle and i love meeting  people that have a different culurte than i.