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The Story Of Missy Franklin


At the age of 17 Missy Franklin is a Swimming Superstar with 5 Olympic gold medals and 2 new world records to her name.

Personal Life

Melissa Jeanette "Missy" Franklin was born May 10, 1995 in Pasadena, California, and raised in Centennial, Colorado. Missy learned to swim at age 5. Franklin was given the nickname "Missy the Missile" by her father before the 2008 Olympic Trials. She initially disliked it and was horrified when he teased that he planned to have hot pink shirts made that had the phrase printed on the back. She has since grown to love it and now has a pair of Nike sneakers with the nickname on them.

The Perfect Swimmer

Missy's body looks like she is built to be the perfect swimmer. Missy has very long limbs witch help her push through the water maximizing thrust and eliminating drag while going through the water. As well as the fact the Missy is a very tall female standing at 6'1" witch helps her take bigger strokes. Missy's 8.5 inch hand helps her paddle water better and her size 13 feet are like built-in flippers helping her propel through the water with powerful kicks. Even Michal Phelps one of the best swimmers of all time called Franklin one of the best female swimmers he has ever seen.

Swimming Career

Franklin competed in her first international event, Duel in the Pool, in 2009 at just 14, and in 2010 she was named "Breakout Performer of the Year" at the USA Swimming gala, Golden Goggles. In 2011, she completed in her first long course world championship meet and nabbed five medals—three of them gold—and broke her first world record at the FINA World Cup. The first time Franklin qualified for the Olympics was in 2012, and she went full-throttle, competing in seven events, more than any other U.S. female swimmer in history. In London in 2012, she won three gold medals, one for the 100-meter backstroke, one for the 200-meter backstroke, and a third as part of the 4-by-200-meter freestyle relay team. She also won a bronze medal for the 4-by-100-meter freestyle relay. Franklin's gold medal for the 100-meter backstroke was won in the second race of a "double"—two back-to-back races that left Franklin just 14 minutes between her 200-meter freestyle qualifying race and her 100-meter backstroke finals. She completed just 25 percent of her typical cool-down swim before jumping back into the pool and winning the gold. She then beat Russian swimmer Anastasia Zueva to take gold in the 200-meter backstroke, and set a world record in the event. Franklin won a fourth gold medals at the 2012 Olympics in August 2012, with the U.S. 4-by-100-meter relay team. She has been ranked 1st in the world in the 200 meter backstroke in 2010, 2011, and 2012. She is the current world record holder for the

Fun Facts

Sports Played Before Swimming

Basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, dance, gymnastics, ice skating, skiing


One dog, Ruger (Alaskan Malamute)

Hobbies Outside the Pool

Reading, dancing, being with friends, baking

Ultimate Way to Relax

Listening to music.

Most Influential Person


Training Stats

Swims 5k-6k a day ... 2-4 hours a day ... 6-7 workouts a week


Always does small good deeds before every swim meet.


Sports team: Denver Broncos. Holiday tradition: mom's Thanksgiving dinner

Missy got the 200 meter backstroke world record with a time of 02:04.06