Coach's Corner

April 27th, 2018

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Teaching Practice: I guide children through the process of generating and planning solutions to a problem.

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Puzzles provide opportunities for children to practice problem solving skills:

Encourage the child to look at the picture and shapes before taking pieces out.

Talk children through the process of completing a puzzle.

Verbally prompt children to “try another way” or “turn the piece”.

Point out the shapes of pieces and the colors; for example, a blue piece might be a piece of blue sky or this long thin piece might fit in this thin space.

Praise attempts to solve the puzzle independently but encourage children to ask for help rather than walk away from hard puzzles.

Conscious Discipline and CLASS

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How Often Do you Play with Your Students?

One of the most important things you can do as a preschool teacher is PLAY with your students. Get down on the ground and pretend to be a lion, drink 50 cups of pretend coffee and make snakes with playdough. That is where your real authority will come from, not by shouting, or making students fear you. Make them love you by playing and connecting with them, and you will see children eager to please. I can not stress this one enough; young children will listen to your requests much more effectively when they feel a connection.
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Curriculum Connections: The Napping House

After Reading The Napping House...
· Have the children go back through the book and identify when the story line changes from slow and sleepy to fast and active. Help them to recognize the cause-and-effect sequences by going backward through the plot. Possible questions to ask: Who broke the bed and why? Who bumped the granny and why? Who thumped the child and why?
· Have the children go backward through the book again, from the flea bite to the beginning, and find the mouse's location on each page. Then do the same for the flea.
· Discuss the significance of weather in the story. Possible questions to ask: Does rain make you feel drowsy? Does sunshine make you feel energetic? Are you more likely to play outdoors when it is sunny? When do you usually see rainbows?

Tech Connections: Silly Sally Song

Silly Sally by Audrey Wood - performed by Suzi Shelton

Weekly Lesson Plan: Audrey Wood