climbing holds

How to fulfill your dreams

When I was a little girl, I had a dream of becoming the most popular singer the world has ever seen, or in this case heard. It was this dream that led me to pursue singing as a hobby at first, and then once I became good at it, I wanted to hone my skills by training as a vocal student so that I had a shot at fulfilling my dream. Even though I was good at singing choral songs and I was the student conductor of my school choir, I was never on the right path to fulfilling my dream. That is because I had envisioned singing opportunities to come naturally but in fact, the way to get to your end goal is to erect climbing holds for yourself along the way to aid you.

What are climbing holds? Climbing holds are for you to get to your dream and are sort of like hallway points. It allows you to keep your goal or dream in check by fulfilling little goals that will eventually lead you to the bigger goal.

So how do we use climbing holds?

Like a little checklist, we first must be able to envision the final goal. Having the final goal in mind is an essential step because if your final goal keeps changing, your intermediate goals will keep changing as well. After you have finalized your final goal, it is time to think of little stepping-stones to fulfill to help you get to your final goal. When thinking of these little climbing holds, there are a few pointers to keep in mind. Firstly, they must be realistic checkpoints that you are able to fulfill. For example, if you wanted to be an astronaut but your first checkpoint is to apply to be an astronaut, that’s unrealistic because there are so many pre-requisites that you have to fulfill before you can even successfully apply to be an astronaut. An astronaut must be very physically fit, and must be an intellectual. On top of that an astronaut must have good leadership skills and decision-making skills since an astronaut would be working in a team and space travel is a very unpredictable thing. There could be dangers that suddenly arise in space that are unexpected, and you would be put on a spot to make a decision that could greatly affect the survival of your crew. A realistic checkpoint would be like, going to the gym to exercise more frequently or to take up a physical sport to play regularly. In that way, it is a more realistic and attainable goal because you are one step closer to becoming a potential candidate to become an astronaut.

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