Why We Wear Clothing

Mady Bixby

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Wearing clothing helps to keep you warm, because the clothes insulate heat. In the summer time, you can wear loose, light colored clothing to stay cool and protect you from the sun. Wearing protective clothing , like leather, while riding a motorcycle can protect your body from road rash if you get in an accident. Some special jobs, such as a policeman or a firefighter, require certain clothing to keep you safe.


Depending on your job, your clothing may identify who you are. In sports, each team wears a different jersey, and the referee wears a black and white striped shirt. Police officers and firemen wear their uniforms to people can quickly see who they are, and can get help if they need it.

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Sometimes, clothing can indicate a person's rank or status. In the military, you can see a person's rank by the medals and awards they are wearing. If you are valedictorian, you wear something more ornate than the rest of the people graduating so people can tell who you are.