Dont Send Your Kids to War

"Dulce Et Decorum Est" Editorial

Although many poems showed a romanticized war "Dulce Et Decorum Est" by William Owen shows the reader the image of the battlefield and the horrors of war. The author does this by giving them the image of the young men in war looking like old beggars coughing like hags because of the awful life in the trenches. He also tells how men are dying coughing on their own blood and by being poisoned with deadly gasses. People wouldn't want to see the reality of war which is why so many poets and writers gave an altered view of the war. These poems show the reality of war not a romanticized war.

Letter Home

Dear Family,

War is awful. All around me men are dying and all I see are bodies on the ground. In the trenches we have water up to our waists and men are getting diseases like trenchfoot. There are also rats the size of cats that eat the remains of men on the battlefield and in the trenches. The amount of dead men is enough to scar you for life. It is unfair to the people back home to think that this is a peaceful war because its anything but that. Well I got to go now.