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Lover Booth FREE+ The Pick Up App

Welcome to our Press Page!

Lover Booth FREE+ The Pick Up App

Welcome to our Press Page!

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Download our press package and use it as you please!


Our Story!

Lover Booth - The app that makes it easy to talk to the opposite sex

Available FREE now in the iOS App Store, the Lover Booth app was designed for the shy guys and gals who just can’t figure out how to approach the opposite sex?!?

Thankfully we have found the answer! With Lover Booth who needs nerves of steel when “There’s an app for that!” It’s as easy as TAP, SCAN, & SCORE. Watch the video and find out more!

Lover Booth (The Pick Up App) -Available NOW in the iOS iTunes Store -Dream Shaker Creations Inc.


As you can see Lover Booth is a fun simple APP that helps you break the ice with the opposite sex. Our hilarious captions give you that sense of humor that seems to work so well in romantic comedies.

Unlike other romance apps, this app allows two people to interact to build an instant connection, in fact you can feel it the second you both touch the screen. Lover Booth measures your connection and scores it on a scale of 1 - 10 and responds with funny caption.

You may be wondering, what if Lover Booth doesn’t think you have a great connection, fortunately cupid can be bribed. Unlocking “Cupid Mode” (for.99 cents) lets you select your score so that even your sweaty palms won’t break the deal.

Also included in Cupid Mode is “Cupid Cam” which lets you snap and share a picture with your new special someone in a Lover Booth frame.

@TeamDreamShaker currently consists of 2 young entrepreneurs chasing their dreams by creating products that make people laugh and make their lives easier.

If you choose not to review our app, we will be very sad, lost and confused but we would still like to thank you for taking a look in to what we are doing.

We wish you a long battery life!!

P.S. Be sure to download and use our press package as you please! And scroll down to find out how to get in touch with us.

Fun and interactive ★★★★★

by Tzzzzxxc -

Great fun app to talk to the other gender and the heart beat score measuring rocks

Smooth ! ★★★★★

by HarryDhaliwalAppGenius -

Great app, ton of fun! Awesome icebreaker ! Cool concept ! Love the graphics !! Clean, crisp and easy to use !!

LOL ★★★★★

by Mo Apps!! -

Learned that JWOWW's ring has nothing on my love connection. Hilarious app!