Assignment 1

Attributes and Barriers

P1 - Explain the personal attributes valued by employers

Specific attributes

Job related attributes these are necessary to the job, for some jobs knowledge and skills may be required to do the job.

•A Web designer needs knowledge on HTML and CSS knowledge and other coding may be preferable

•A network technician needs to have knowledge on networks how they work and hot to diagnose a problem

Good Working Procedures

General working procedures that will be needed for health and safety and security issues

•If the employee is ill they should stay off work until they recover, because it could be contagious and having the other employees off will hurt the business

•Health and safety rules and regulations will need to be followed by law if there is a problem the employee should report it, this will keep themselves and others safe

•Information that you find out doing your job is confidential this will include the personal information of customers and industry sensitive information, the employee is expected to keep the information confidential and not abuse the information

P2 - Explain the principles of effective communication

Principles of good communication

Effective communication depends which type of communication some principles apply to general communication and others apply to interpersonal communication.

•General communication skills apply despite the form of communication

•Interpersonal skills come into place when speaking face to face or so an audience is listening to your message so they can see and hear you even if its not applicable for you to hear and see them

•Written communications skills apply when the message is sent over a piece of paper, email, slide in presentation or a webpage

General Communication Skills

For any form of any communication to work then there must be someone or a group of people to receive the message that you are trying to get across. Who they are will determine what type of language you use (formal or informal), the way you chose to send your message(talking , written, presentation etc.).

Cultural differences

Cultural differences could distort the message and may not get the message across in the correct way. This could be language or the symbols you use in written or hand gestures, this is due to different cultures may understand a different meaning for the symbol or hand gesture you are doing.

Adapting to Suit an Audience

The type of audience can vary a lot, so you must tailor your message to the correct way of communication it because it could just a reminder to a co-worker or it could be a full presentation to a group of people that are higher than you in the hierarchy of the business. The size of the audience and the age of the audience should also affect the way of communicating the message.

Engaging the Audience

You need to have a engaged in what you are saying otherwise they could just stop paying attention and then the information that you communicate will be wasted. Engaging the audience can be involving them or just making the message a little livelier but keeping all of the facts or maybe using interaction with the audience to keep them listening.

Question and Answer

Questioning the audience can be a good way of engaging and making sure that the information that you want to have communicated is getting in and not just getting wasted. Also it is a good way of the audience to clarify any information that they are not too sure on.

P3 - Discuss potential barriers to effective communication

Barriers of Effective Communication

To communicate effectively and get the message across, there needs to be a reduction or removal of background noise, distractions, lack of concentration.

•Background noise is very distracting to people and should have an attempt at reducing because it can stop people from concentrating on the message and the important information to do with that message

•Distractions can be almost anything and will cause a lack of concentration some distractions can be someone arriving late, leaving unexpectedly, phones, tablets, computers or noise

•Lack of concentration can be cause by the above or just having an uninteresting and non engaging message or the form of communication which is why it is important to tailor the form of communication to the audience to keep them focused on the message not anything else

M1 - Explain mechanisms that can reduce the impact of communication barriers

Mechanisms that can reduce the impact of the communication barriers

•Background noise can be reduced by using a meeting room and closing all windows and doors to minimize all external background noise generation

•Distractions can be reduced by having people turn their phones on silent, and asking people to not use phones, tablets and computers when it is not necessary. Also making sure everyone is there before starting the meeting and asking people not to leave while it is going on except when it is an emergency

•Lack of concentration can be solved by making the information specific maybe putting a joke or two in (if appropriate with the type of audience), asking questions to the audience and answering any they ask