Jimmy Carter

Senator,Governor,President,and past president

Early Life

James E. Carter was born Oct 1,1924 in Plains GA. He struggled with his family and other outside life.When Jimmy was 4 years old his family relocated to Archenemy, A town approximately two miles from Plains GA. Carter was a studious boy and avoided trouble.

At the age of 10 he began working in his fathers store. His favorite pastime was sitting with his father in the evenings listening to baseball games on the radio.


After attending public school in Plains GA,Carter matriculated at Georgia southwestern college.He graduated with a bachlaureate degree and a naval commission in 1946 and eventually became senior officer of the Precommissioning crew of the SeaWolf the second nuclear submarine.

Becoming senator

Politics increasingly attracted Carters attention.He prepared to make his own entry into state politics.He overcame the unlawful machinations of a political boss in Quitman county to win election to the state Senate from the fourteenth district in 1967.

Nobel Peace prize

In 2002 President Jimmy Carter won the Nobel Peace prize for continuously making peace efforts and his unwavering support for human rights.


Jimmy Carter was Elected Governor in 1970 and in his inaugural address called for an end to racial discrimination. He Reorganized state government through a process he called modernization.He eliminated unneeded positions,saved GA money,and appointed many women and minorities to government positions.

Becoming President Of The United States

On December 12,1974 he announced his candidacy for president of the United States.He won his partys nomination on the first ballot at the 1976 Democratic National Convention he was elected president on November 2,1976

Facts:Jimmy Carter was Elected as senator in 1962

Jimmy Carter was most known for the reorganization of state government and his consolidation of state agencies.

Jimmy Carter tried to become president but lost the election in 1980

He wanted to end social discrimination and was involved in camp David peace awards between Egypt and Israel