The Gilded Age


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John D Rockefeller

Rockefeller was considered a captain of the oil industry. He founded and owned the standard oil company. He was also the richest man alive for awhile. He had a networth of 340 billion dollars. Rockefeller was considered a robber baron. A robber baron is a usaullly wealthy person that steals from the less fortunate people for their money
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Thomas Alva Edison

Created the light bulb and had 2332 patents worldwide. He also invented the motion picture camera
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The great railroad strike of 1877

The great railroad strike of 1877 was caused mostly by low wage and poor working conditions. It lasted for 45 days. The workers held demonstrations and protests
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Central pacific railroad

The central pacific railroad company was founded in 1861. The headquarters for it is in Omaha, NE. they were also in charge of building the Transcontinental railroad.