Stay Secure online

Laura Munoz


Monthly Statements

Monthly statements are vital because it contains everything you have bought. Pay attention to these to make sure you are not getting charged for something you didn't buy. Also check your balance every month to make sure noting is going wrong where you are being charged for something. If you recognize something you didn't buy contact your bank and see what is the issue.


Mixing It Up

To make sure you are secure make sure you have a strong password. Using combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols can help you be more secure. Having a long password is essential so that people cant guess your password. Make sure to have different passwords so that in case someone has your password they cant access all your accounts.

Staying Private

Many times you may use the “ DO NOT TRACK “ feature on many major browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. Even though you may use this it may not be efficient. To make it better install plugins that strengthen the “ DO NOT TRACK “ feature. Doing so can make you more secure online and more private as well.

User Agreements

Many times when signing up for example you agree to the terms and conditions no one reads them since they are like 3 pages long but sometimes you could be agreeing to terrifying things. For instance how when you agree to the terms and conditions on Instagram or Twitpic your pictures are owned by them and they can use them for anything they want, for example ads, commercial use, even selling your pictures for profit!
Ridiculous iTunes user agreements terms and conditions