Kayleigh's local newspaper

February 22,2015 Volume 12

Brawls in The Town Sqaure

The Capulet's started fighting with the Montague's in the town square and they haven't stopped fighting since. Paris who is the prince's nephew wanted to marry Juliet who is a Capulet. Romeo wants Rosaline who doesn't want him and then Rosaline ends up dying. And then Romeo sneaks into a Capulet party and he falls in love with Juliet. The trouble in the in the first part of the story is Tybalt.

At the Party

At the party Juliet and Romeo meet for the first time and end up falling in love. The reason why Juliet was having a party was because he parents felt like she was in need of a boyfriend. And Juliet was kind of okay with there plan. But since Juliet is a Capulet then only Capulet were invited so Romeo had to sneak in. Juliet was out on the ballroom floor all alone when Romeo saw her and asked her to dance. And that was when they both feel for each other.

Romeo and Juliet's action after the party

After the party Juliet was out on her balcony talking to herself about the decision that she should make because she could either go out with Romeo or not go out with Romeo. And that when Romeo sneaks up to her balcony and hers her talking about it. Juliet finds out that Romeo is there and they start talking and then they are going to be getting married the next day.

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All of the Capulet's featured in this newspaper are listed below:

Tybalt- Capulet, and a hot headed cousin to Juliet

Capulet- the father of Juliet

Lord Capulet- the mother of Juliet

Nurse- she takes care of Juliet

Juliet- young girl in live with Romeo the Montague

Gregory- servant of Juliet's

Sampson- Servant of Juliet's

Peter- servant of Juliet's

All of the Montague's being featured in this newspaper:

Benvolio- helps people out

Montague- the mother of romeo

Lord Montague-Romeo father

Romeo-falls for Juliet

Abram- Romeo's servant

Helpful tip of the day

Counting to 10 or 100 can benefit because you can take the time and makes right decision:

You can consider the results

You can focus on why you are counting to 10 or 100

You can also make the right choice

You can calm down and relax

You can consider what might happen

Mercutio suggest that people get mad over nothing and quark over stupid ideas.

Romeo being banned from his real love

Tybalt seeks to talk to Romeo about the party and Romeo crashing it and crushing on his cousin. His cousin challenges Romeo but he fuses. Mercutio draws his sword at Romeo and then they fight. But then Romeo gets banned from being with Juliet because he was fighting with Mercutio.

Who is at fault for all of this choas?

The person who lied the most would have to be Juliet because she said that she would take the potion on Wednesday but she took it easier than she said. And she lied to her parents about being married. But the nurse was also in on the marriage to.

Juliet actions about being told that she has to marry Paris

When she woke up she saw Romeo dying and she ended killing herself with a dagger for real this time.

Juliets death the first one

Juliet took the potion and went into coma but then when she woke and saw Romeo dying.

The happings at the catacombs

Juliet's wokes up from her a coma and when she does she seesRomeo dying and when she sees him she was starting to cry and then stabbed herself to be with Romeo forever.


Paris Capulet

Paris died because Romeo killed him. He was survived by the prince (his uncle). He was supposed to marry Juliet.

Romeo Montague

He died because he drank poison because Juliet first death caused him to do so. He was survived by his mother and father.

Juliet Capulet

Died twice but unfortunately she died the second time because she stabbed herself. She was married to Romeo and was soon going to have to marry Paris.