Michaela Brinkley

Reflection of Alex's Flipped Video

Part 1 Reflect On What You See

What went well in the video?

During the video I saw a lot of good things. I saw her use of technology, and underlining the topic sentence, supporting details, and the conclusion of her paragraph. It would be very easy fro students to follow along with the powerpoint.

What did you see that you would steal for videos in the future?

I really liked her website that she found using the hamburger and for students to fill in their topic sentence, supporting details, and conclusions. The fact that students were able to save it to their computer and email it to the homeroom teacher or print it out is great ideas. Especially for students that may not have a printer at home or any access to printing something out.

What would you have done differently?

The only thing that I saw was checking my grammar on some of the slides. There were corrections made when speaking throughout the video but it would have been nice to make it all clear and flow together.

Part 2 Think about Student Learning

Was the learning goal accomplished?

I feel that the learning goal was accomplished! Students were able to see an example and definition of the topic sentence, supporting details, and conclusion. They were then able to see an example of the each in a paragraph that Miss Woods went through with them. Lastly they were able to work on one individually and bring it into class the next day to let her know how well they gathered the information! It was overall a pretty good lesson.

How can the teacher take this video to the next level in the classroom?

One way that I think she could take it to the next level is having students peer edit each others work. Students can share their paragraphs that they have created on google docs, the other students can then go in and highlight and comment what each sentence is or where the topic is and the supporting details.

Was the information presented clearly and concisely?

The information was presented clearly and concisely for the most part. There were a few slip ups but that can happen from time to time.

What would you as a student be doing during the video?

During this video I was paying attention for the most part but at times I would kind of get side tracked. I was engaged for the most of it!