Little Philmont Training

YM General President David Beck and the Thoughts of Hundreds

An Incredible Opportunity to Think, Learn, Grow, Ponder and Flourish!

Who? CORs, ward Scout leaders, ward Cub Scout leaders, YM presidencies, Stake Presidencies, stake Cub Scout leaders, stake YM presidencies,

When? Saturday, 16 March, 2013 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Where? Mueller Park Stake Center: 1800 East Mueller Park Road (1800 South) Bountiful

Nourishment? Continental Breakfast

Invigorating Lunchl

Why? This past summer, our stake presidency, stake YM president and their spouses spent a week receiving training at the 100,000 acre Boy Scout ranch in New Mexico called Philmont. They were taught by the Church YM presidency and Scouting leaders, and now want to pass on to ward and stake Scout and Cub Scout leaders that which they learned at Philmont.

What? So Little Philmont was born and we ward and stake leaders will receive a condensed version of Big Philmont from Church YM president David Beck and our stake leaders! And it's free!

Sorry, no overnight camping, outdoor showers, swimming in the 45 degree lake or mosquitoes.