Fingerprint Specialist

By: Alex Guilmette

Definition/how this field is used to solve cases:

A fingerprint specialist is a type of forensic laboratory annalist who processes and examines fingerprint evidence in criminal investigations. This field is used to solve cases because when they sweep the crime scenes and lift fingerprints from there. They load the fingerprint images into state or national fingerprint databases for comparison. Latent print examiners enhance prints by using photographic and computer equipment.

Education & work requirements:

  • four year bachelor's degree
  • While in college, look for internships (gains experience)
  • After graduation,approach state and federal branches of law enforcement
  • Then you are certified and able to look for a job

Annibal Jaramillo case of 1982: jaramillo killed a male victim by shorting him and wrapping a coil of cord around him. Next to the body was a knife left with a set of fingerprints leading to the killer.

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