SpaceX Dragon

Chelsia Baidar

On October 8, 2012 SpaceX dragon capsule lifted off to space.

What is Dragon?

Dragon is a free-style and reusable spacecraft. Dragon was also designed by the SpaceX. SpaceX advanced Dragon from a blank sheet paper to its first mission in barely over 4 years.
Dragon Spacecraft

It has made history

Dragon has made History in 2012. It was the first spacecraft in history to deliver cargo to the space station and safely return the cargo to earth.


The Dragon spacecraft has three structures to meet a variety of needs. The three structures is the cargo, crew and the DragonLab

Is Dragon capable?

Dragon has the most powerful heat shield in the world with the help from NASA. This spacecraft is capable of carrying over 3,310 kilograms.

Future of Dragon

Is there life on Mars; there could be. SpaceX is developing a mission to mars. The mission to the red planet could be ready to go as early as 2018 and the estimated cost should be around $400 million.

Future missions

Diagram of Dragon

Pictures and Videos

SpaceX's Dragon to Return Americans to Space
Mission Highlights: SpaceX's Dragon Makes History