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May 13, 2022

Weekly Calendar

Monday, May 16:

Tuesday, May 17:

  • Regular Bell Schedule
  • PTSO Meeting

Wednesday, May 18:

Thursday, May 19:

  • Regular Bell Schedule
  • Cardinal Theatre Production of Urinetown

Friday, May 20:

  • Regular Bell Schedule
  • Local Scholarship Ceremony, 7:30 am
  • Mandatory Commencement Practice, 9:00 am
  • Senior Send-Off, 10:30 am
  • Cardinal Theatre Production of Urinetown

Dear Cardinal Family,

Pinball is such a great game. I remember as a kid the instant devastation I felt when the ball emerged and shot straight down between the paddles, unhittable.

This week, I feel like I'm that ball. Except, I'm on a tear, bouncing incessantly from one lighted bumper to the next, piling up points.

Ideally, I'd probably prefer something in the middle of those two play scenarios.

When I think about all the reasons to celebrate this month, I need to highlight our International Day, held last Friday. You can see the plug that was on Flock Talk starting at minute 2:27. Below are a few pictures of the event. Thomas Worthington is a large school of over 1,800 kids, representing some 40 countries and 50 different languages spoken in homes. This event was a great opportunity to showcase countries of origin, traditional clothing, and, of course, food!

Our kids were elated to show off their skills, knowledge, and cuisine. Our student body seemed to also enjoy the experience, so I'd rate it a huge success. I'm thankful to our students and their advisors for putting on such a cool event!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Go Cards!


Pete Scully


Thomas Worthington High School

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**New Announcements This Week**

  • Senior Graduation Survey - Final Transcripts


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What The Teachers are Saying

See what the teachers are saying about the TWHS April Cardinals of the Month.

The 3Rs - Cardinal Expectations at TWHS

There are three general behavior expectations at Thomas Worthington High School: build Relationships, show Respect, and be Responsible.

We define build Relationships as “to cultivate belonging”. It is our goal that 100% of our students feel connected to at least one adult that they trust enough to go to when they really need it. From our morning greeting as each student enters the building, to each teacher connecting with each student, to our Wednesday homeroom lessons, we strive to create an environment that is so welcoming - all are inspired to learn.

We define show Respect as “use appropriate language”. We work towards being mindful of the words we speak and the immense power they have on ourselves and others. We learn that the words we say, along with the time, setting, and location have an impact on others.

We define be Responsible as “to attend and be on time to class”. We are intentional about the value of showing up, being on time, and being present for ourselves and others.

Recognition of Others

Would you like to recognize the positive impact that a staff member or another student has had on your child? The PBIS team would like to give you that opportunity. Please take two minutes to complete this recognition form. Thank you!

Senior Graduation Survey - Final Transcript

Dear Seniors,

To ensure your final transcript reaches your final college destination, please complete this BRIEF SURVEY so we know which college you have chosen to attend. Your final transcript will be sent after graduation to reflect your diploma date and second semester grades. This survey should be completed by June 1 and only list ONE college destination. This is MANDATORY for all college-bound seniors.

Thank you!

The Weekly Edition of Flock Talk

Our ComTech students produce a weekly edition of student news titled Flock Talk. It is released every Friday for the students and the staff. Here is Flock Talk for this week.
FLOCK TALK 5.13.22

Classroom School Fees and Outstanding Balances

Parents/guardians, please check your child’s current balance for any outstanding fees. Classroom fee for grades 9-12 is $65. Senior fee is $35. All fees and outstanding balances are to be paid via the online payment system,

For questions regarding an outstanding balance, please contact:

Academics/Activities: Megan Roberts at or call 614-450-6272

Athletic fees/uniforms: Liz Lee at

or call 614-450-6285

Textbooks: Kathie Volpe at

or call 614-450-6261

Library books/Chromebooks: Lori Poleway at or call 614-450-6278

Yearbook Sale May 9-13

Time is running out! Say congratulations to the end of the year with a Yearbook! Use the coupon code "CONGRATS" for $5 off your yearbook for a limited time. Deal runs May 9-13.

Click HERE for more information and to place your order.


Cardinal Theatre Production of Urninetown

Urinetown is a hilarious musical satire of the legal system, capitalism, social irresponsibility, populism, bureaucracy, corporate mismanagement, municipal politics and musical theatre itself! Hilariously funny and touchingly honest, Urinetown provides a fresh perspective on one of America's greatest art forms. In a Gotham-like city, a terrible water shortage, caused by a 20-year drought, has led to a government-enforced ban on private toilets. The citizens must use public amenities, regulated by a single malevolent company that profits by charging admission for one of humanity's most basic needs. Amid the people, a hero decides that he's had enough and plans a revolution to lead them all to freedom!

May 19 & 20 @ 8:00 pm


Special Education Key Communicator

Worthington’s Special Education Key Communicator Committee strives to build positive, productive and collaborative relationships and partnerships amongst the educators and community of families whose children receive special education and related services. We will engage in two-way communication, with the goal being to provide a circle of influence where we can share out and learn from and with each other.

The key communicator will convey information from their building to the committee, as well as information from the committee to their buildings.

The Key Communicator for Thomas Worthington High School is Meredith Murphy ( Please reach out to her if you have questions or topics to discuss


TWHS Spirit Wear Store is Open

Do you need spirit wear or athletic gear with the new TWHS logo? Please visit the link below to order! There is an added incentive for ordering $70.

Thomas Worthington Athletic Gear

Order today!

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Attendance Office Procedures for TWHS Students

Please notify the Attendance Office if you know your student will be absent from school. Call or email ahead to pre-excuse for appointments and ask your student to pick up a pass in the Attendance Office ahead of time – we prefer not to interrupt classes by calling rooms.

Call the 24-hour recorded line to leave a message at

614-450-6291, or you may send an email to

Attendance Philosophy & Procedure

Important information regarding your child's absence from school.

***PLEASE REVIEW*** Before and After School Guidelines for TWHS Students

Your support in following these guidelines is greatly appreciated. The safety of our students is our number one priority.

Reminder: The gate located next to the tennis courts on Evening Street is closed during school hours.

PTSO Meeting Dates Set for 2021-22 – Please Join Us!

All PTSO meetings are on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. in the TWHS Principal's conference room (Room 127). Everyone is welcome - please join us! The Final 2021-22 meeting is May 17.


Attention 11th Grade Parents/Guardians: Important Immunization Information for Senior Year

Ohio Law (ORC 3313.671) now requires all 12th grade students to receive two (2) doses of the Meningococcal vaccine. If the first dose was given after the 16th birthday, only one dose is required. Meningococcal vaccine helps protect against meningitis, a bacterial infection that affects the spinal fluid and lining of the brain.

Your child may have already had these immunizations. Please check with your child’s doctor to determine if they have been completed. If they have not, immunizations may be obtained from your doctor, at the health department, or at any urgent care center. Please have your child drop off the updated record in the TWHS Health Office as soon as possible, or it can be faxed directly to TWHS (Fax 614-450-6393). The required immunizations (or a valid exemption) must be obtained prior to the start of the senior year. Ohio law allows schools to exclude students who do not have the appropriate documentation on file.

Please go to Ohio Department of Health's website or contact Julie Frank, TWHS School Nurse, at if you have questions. BEAT THE SUMMER RUSH AND HAVE YOUR CHILD IMMUNIZED NOW!

COVID Guidelines

Covid 19 continues to have a presence in our community. Worthington Schools has adapted its policy for quarantine and removal of ill children to reflect those set by The Columbus Health Department.

As we return to a normal schedule with all students attending school daily it is extremely important to NOT send your student to school if they are sick and not feeling well. A daily health check is required for parents and students to complete each morning prior to school.

Daily Home COVID-19 "Before School" Screening

Guidance for Daily Home Screening

If your child develops or reports any of the symptoms listed below during the school day they will be isolated and a parent or guardian will be called for immediate pick up. Follow up with a health care provider will be required for your student to return to school. The COVID-19 protocols will be strictly enforced to ensure a healthy environment for our students and staff.

Your child needs to be kept home if any of the following symptoms are present.

  • Temperature 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher when taken by mouth

  • New or worsened cough

  • New onset severe headache

  • Loss of taste or smell

  • Sore throat

  • Nasal congestion or runny nose

  • Vomiting or diarrhea


Thomas Worthington High School

ph: 614-450-6215 fax: 614-450-6393

TWHS School Calendar

Click on TWHS School Calendar to access the TWHS website calendar

May 17: PTSO Meeting 7:30 pm, RM 127

May 18: Last Day of School for Seniors

May 19 & 20: Cardinal Theatre production of Urinetown

May 20: Local Scholarship Ceremony 7:30 am

May 20: MANDATORY Commencement Practice 9:00 am

May 20: Senior Send-Off 10:30 am, Mirolo

May 22: Class of 2022 Graduation 4:00 pm, Greater Columbus Convention Center

May 25: Last Day of School for grades 9-11

Thomas Worthington High School



Principal, Pete Scully


Assistant Principal (A-D), Emilie Greenwald


Assistant Principal (E-K), Todd Keenan


Assistant Principal (L-Q), Adrienne Carr


Assistant Principal (R-Z), Brett Shaffer


Dean of Students, Scott Gordon


Athletic Director, Molly Feesler


School Counseling Chair, David Quart


Registrar, Kate Weber

Special Education Key Communicator, Meredith Murphy


Location: 300 West Dublin Granville Road, Worthington, OH, USA

Phone: (614)450-6200

Twitter: @TWHS_cardinals