The Amazing Race

Temple University Campus

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Date and Time: Wednesday, March 30th at 6:00 PM


To engage residents in a fun and educational competition to teach them about Temple's campus and the various resources available to them.

How it works:

Contestants, in teams of 3-5 race, against other teams to fulfill all the picture tasks and arrive at the final location before the other teams. For each leg of the race, teams will start at a location, complete the 3 picture tasks given, and arrive at the end location for that leg. Teams must complete all the picture tasks before arriving at the checkpoint or they will not receive the tasks and end location for the next leg. The first team to finish all 6 legs of the race is the winner. Contestants are allowed to use any resources, e.g., internet, maps, campus workers, to find unknown locations.

Picture Tasks:

There are three picture tasks in each leg and can be completed in any order. As long as the group shows all three picture tasks at the checkpoint, they will be granted the picture tasks and end location of the next leg. Groups just need to simply take a picture of at least 2 members of the group at the given location. You may take selfies, group shots, it really does not matter. As long as the picture proves that the team was at the given location, it is valid. When the winning team arrives at the final location, we will also check to see all picture tasks have been completed, so DO NOT ERASE THEM! It may also be easier if one team member is the designated photographer. Contestants must have their TU ID to access buildings.


1st Place - $30 Diamond Dollars per participant

2nd Place - $20 Diamond Dollars per participant

3rd Place - $10 Diamond Dollars per participant


If you have any questions, please contact RHA Vice President of External Affairs, Josh Veloso, at