Research Stuff

By: Emilio Garcia

How can I use keywords in finding information when I research

Be very specific, so when you research the things that you want to pop up come up. Here Is an example on putting keywords in your research. If I am researching who invented the game of baseball. My keywords would be maybe inventor, baseball, and maybe history. If I use those keywords I have a better chance of getting the answer that I want.

How to avoid plagiarism & what it is

If you find a sentence or something when you are researching that you want to put down on like an assignment or something then change the sentence into you own words, and not the other persons words. But if you find a sentence that you think is just perfect then you can put that down on your assignment. Just make sure to put quotation marks on the sentence.

Plagiarism is when you take words from the author of those words. It is when you take credit for those words, like you wrote them. Also you copy those words down word for word.

What resources do you have available to you

  • Google

What MLA citation is

It is for after you research something you can put that citation on there. So people know where you got that information.

How you know it is a credible website

Look for like a dot com, or dot org. Also you can usually tell by just glancing at the website or something.

What is the difference between quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing

Well quoting is like a little sang or something like that. Paraphrasing is how you made something into your own words. Summarizing is how you turn a story or something into a shorter story or something with all of the main ideas into it.