Personality Type: True Colors Gold

by Lauren Csurgo

Overview of My Color

Someone with the gold personality is a dependable person that is organized and prepared. They tend to be on time. They value the home and family which proves their faithful and caring nature. A gold personality type is also very sensible and concerned allowing them to be good helpers towards others. They follow rules and procedures because they respect authority. They have a strong opinion about what is right and wrong in life.

Childhood and Relationships

As a child, the gold personality was the one following directions in school. They would never think of breaking the rules just for fun. They gave respect towards teachers and other classmates. They were always comfortable with the daily routine of school with no change throughout the day. A schedule change may have caused more stress. However, a person with this personality was more easily able to adapt to the education system as a whole. Among these traits I think that all of these describe me. I was always able to adapt well to the school environment and I would always follow the instructions given by the teacher or any other authoritative figure. In relationships, gold personality types often take the serious and traditional approach.


Organization is a big part of the gold personality type. At work, they uphold to the organization standards of business, as well as maintain a overall stability in the work environment. I am very much an organized person. They work hard and attend to the important little details that others look past which makes them a good leader of any organization or company. Work for them is the number one importance. Once everything is complete, then there is time for other recreational activities. This idea of work before play is something that I live by as well. This would be the worker that you find working overtime often to keep up with each days new demands.

Leadership Styles

From others, they have expectations that include loyalty, order, and punctuality. They have a mindset that they must follow the procedure as it is without change. When working with others they expect the other members to complete the task assigned to them. I strongly believe that everyone needs to pull their own weight and work on the task assigned to them in a group project. They also have a strong belief that there is a right way to do things and they rarely stray from tradition. You would find that the gold personality shows strong leadership qualities that become controlling over everyone else. I think that I show the controlling quality of wanting everything to be done the right way which really brings out the gold personality in me.

Symptoms of a Bad Day

Complaining is one of the many symptoms that the gold personality shows when they are having a rough day. I find that I may complain about certain things throughout a bad day but it is never intentional. They also have an increased anxiety and worry. This almost perfectly describes my emotional state during a bad day. As the day progressively gets worse, so does my worrying thoughts. Other symptoms include malicious judgments of others, depression, fatigue, and self-pity.

Thoughts About My Color

The three characteristics that I believe fit me best include maintaining organization, the concept of work before play, and the anxiety and worrying when having a bad day. The three characteristics that were most unlike me are the idea that there is only one right way to do things, the idea of being threatened by change, and the predictable relationships idea. Jobs that fit my personality type include any sort of business field such as accounting, or maybe even a lawyer who dedicates all their time towards the trials they choose. At work, you would be picking up on the fine details of your work and this allows you to not miss anything. Another benefit for the gold personality at the work place is that they stay organized and will not lose anything. Some negative affects would be over controlling and working too much.
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