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Weekly E-mail Blast for Parents


For the next couples of weeks in literacy we will be doing review for the EOG. We started by studying reading passages and tests as its own genre. We looked at the steps before, during and after for reading these passages.

Before- We preview the passages, determine the genre and take note of any text features.
During- We underline effectively- meaning we underline important information ONLY. We chunk the text and label it based on what we have read.
After- We go through the four step process for analyzing the questions and we cite our evidence.
If you are working with your child at home on reading passages and would like some more practice passages, please let me know!

In literacy workshop students have been working on nonfiction standards and reviewing them using reading passages.
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This week in math we began our EOG review also. We started with place value and operations with base ten. We looked at a lot of word problems that were multi-step when using place value skills. For example they may need to add, subtract and then round the number to answer the problem correctly. Most of the questions on the EOG are more than one step so reading the word problems closely and more than once is a must.

In workshop some students continued to review fractions as it is the biggest part of the test. Some students based on their exit ticket from Friday moved on to numbers and operations in base ten. Fractions is still one of the biggest skills students should continue to review at home. Again, if you would like any resources for these skills please let me know.
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Social Studies/Science/Health

We have been using our science/social studies time to review context clues. Every reading passage in the test will include a question about an unfamiliar vocabulary word. This is a very important skill to master. We look for clues such as examples, definitions, antonyms, synonyms, etc.
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EOG Time is coming soon!

Our EOG tests will be here before you know it! If you ever need extra resources sent home for practice, please send me an e-mail! I am happy to send anything home! Thank you for the help and support you provide at home!
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Our classroom is in need of supplies! If you can help out with donating any of the following items it would be greatly appreciated!

Our classroom really needs..

1. Pencils

2. Hand sanitizer

3. Lysol Wipes

Thank you!!

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NCed Cloud

Did you know that your child can access NCed cloud at home? Using this program students can check their grades, cycle assessments, and classroom assessments we´ve taken on School net. The cycle assessments will even break down by which standard they struggled with. This is a great resource for determining what your child needs to work on at home!

Important Dates


May 15-19: BOGO Book Fair
May 16: CEO Leader's Lunch
May 16: Talent Show Practice 3:00-5:00
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CEO Winner

Congrats to our final CEO winner Deangelo Intriago-Lopez!! Well deserved!!!