Tuesday's Tech Tip

By: David Durnil

December 2, 2014 - Why aren't you using Smore?

Want to promote something online but don't know how? Smore makes it easy. It's also fun, for a change.


Smore is a simple and fun way to design flyers and brochures that can be both printed out and electronically distributed. It has the ability to incorporate various forms of media into one document that can be shared and stored.

When looking through the following aspects of Smore, consider how you could introduce your next project or how a student could use it as their product in their next project.

  1. Text - You could easily give directions for the assignment or project. Students could use this to incorporate any information about their topic.
  2. Picture/Gallery - Students can add pictures to their Smore that help emphasize their topic.
  3. Event - Teachers could list out deadlines for students. Teachers could also create fliers for fundraisers (Canned Food Drives) or group gatherings (Class of 2018 Meetings).
  4. Bio - Classes could use this to do an About Me project or tell about a Historical Figure.
  5. Audio - By adding audio, students could incorporate a speech that a person gave or a song from a specific time period or about a specific theme.
  6. Video - YouTube and other videos can be added to show directions or give real life examples of the assignment.
  7. Embedded Link - Incorporate live links so that students know resources that are available. Students could use this as a Bibliography.
  8. Form - This could be used to allow for feedback for teachers.
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