Illiterate Indicator

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Use this super cool pH scales to find out if it's an acid, neutral or a base ✌🏻

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The warmer colors mean that it was an acid that was used.

The green color that stands out (it doesn't hint at being warmer or on the cooler side) means that you have used a neutral base so neutral it could be a mediator.

Obviously the cooler colors would then mean that a base was being used

We are the best of the best like Mario and Luigi (these are also before cabbage was added)

Add some magic cabbage juice

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The blue was Baking soda

The yellow/green is Ammonia

The pink is seltzer water

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On the. . . (referring to the picture above)

Left: the baking soda turned blue (base)

Middle: Ammonia turned more greenish in my opinion (I want to say that it's a neutral, but I'm almost certain it was supposed to be a base)

Right: The seltzer water turned a pinky color (acid)

here are some more examples to show you what we are made of



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