Bobcat Bulletin

Staff Edition

September 24th

Keeping you Informed

Back to School Night is on Tuesday, September 25th. Period 1 starts at 6:30 pm. Classes are 12 minutes in length with three minute passing periods. Attached below is the letter that is being sent out. I have emphasized that BTSN is not the time for parents to have individual questions about their student but a night to get information out to the parents.

Back to School Night Content-

Please remember BTSN is a time for you to let parents know about your curriculum you will be teaching, classroom expectations, and homework policies. 12 minutes is a short time but being clear about makeup policies and late homework can go a long way moving forward. A personal touch about you is always a great way to start off the night. Please wear your lanyard and put your new ID card in the plastic sleeve to use as our name tags for the night. I will plan on bringing the door signs around to put up today or tomorrow.

All Staff Meeting- Wednesday, September 26th @ 2:35 pm in Room 13. The Math Department will host this month all staff meeting.

Start with Why

Please set aside some time to watch the video below. It is 18 minutes, but I promise you it is 18 minutes worth watching especially if you have not seen this video in the past. The bases of this video will be a focal point of our All Staff Meeting on Wednesday.

Have a Great Week!
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