Lakeview Lecture

September Edition

Lakeview Open House!

Date/time: Wednesday August 25th 5-7pm

Location: Lakeview School

Please make sure to take the opportunity to visit Lakeview Elementary School on Wednesday evening to meet the teachers, drop off school supplies, and enjoy the cookout on the playground before you head home. Teachers will be in their classrooms until 6:30 and can be found out at the cookout until 7:00. The new Lakeview Principal, Mr. Bretl will be working the grill!

Linked below you will find the supply lists for this school year.

Meet the Principal!

Welcome to Lakeview! I am excited to have the opportunity to serve the Lakeview community as the Principal of Lakeview Elementary school. The first few months have gone really fast, and I can only imagine adding 150+ students is only going to speed things up even more! I've learned from my own children that time sure flies during the elementary years, so I can promise that we are going to take advantage of every minute to make it as special as we can for your student. In my short time here, I've learned there is a lot of pride in this school and community and I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of it.

I come to Lakeview with 12+ years experience in education as both a Teacher and Administrator. My experiences in education have taught me the importance of building relationships, being a good listener, and to cherish every moment. I look forward to continuing those values as I serve as the Principal at Lakeview.

I'm a husband to my 8th grade sweetheart, a father of two girls and a 90 lb chocolate lab. My family and I spend as much time as we can outdoors boating, hunting, fishing, and of course cheering on the Packers! There is no such thing as "down-time" in my household, which I'm sure many of you can relate to.

As the Lakeview Principal, it is important to me that our students are safe and are given many opportunities to see how much fun it is to learn and grow. In order to successfully do this, communication is going to be key, so I ask that we work together to keep communication between home and school a priority. As questions come up, please reach out to school staff so we can do our best to provide the students with a great educational experience.

I'm excited to see smiling faces in the next few weeks and look forward to a great year!

Mr. Bretl

(262) 472-8401

Meet the new Secretary!

Welcome Mrs. Rachel DePorter!

Mrs. DePorter is a Lakeview Alumni! She has 22+ years of experience as an elementary school secretary and brings us a great deal of experience. Her kind heart, expertise, and love for elementary-age students is what made her a great fit as the new Lakeview secretary. She is a Whitewater resident, has children that attend WUSD, and is part of the High School Booster Club!

Mrs. DePorter

(262) 472-8400

New Faces to Lakeview!

Lakeview Elementary School welcomes a few new faces for the 2021-22 school year!

Principal- Mr. Bretl

Secretary- Mrs. DePorter

5th grade- Ms. Rinn

Physical Education- Ms. Skipper

Special Education- Mrs. Kessler

Physical Therapist- Ms. Tenaglia

Advanced Learner Teacher- Mrs. Meier

Speech and Language- Mrs. Palmer

Counselor Long-term Substitute- Mrs. Cutshall

School Day Information!

Lakeview Elementary School hours for students are 8:00am-2:55pm. The office is open from 7:45-3:45.

Student Arrival

Doors will open at 7:55 for students to enter the building.

Parent/Guardian Drop off:

  • Drop off for all students will take place in the loop (one way) drive and students will enter through the front door of the school.
  • Staff will come out at 7:55 to begin the drop off process. Students should wait in the car until a staff member comes to get them and safely leads them into the school.
  • Students who would like a free, school-provided breakfast, will be offered one as they enter the school. Breakfasts will be taken to their classroom where students will be given time to eat before the school day begins.
  • There will be flexibility with the drop off timeline the first few weeks. After that, students arriving after 8:00 will need to check in at the office prior to going to class.
  • Any parent/guardian drop off or pick up changes should be made by contacting the main office.
  • Parents must notify the office if any student is arriving late, or leaving early.

Bus Drop off:

  • Students being dropped off by the bus will enter through the back doors by the playground.
  • Students who would like a free, school-provided breakfast, will be offered one as they enter the school. Breakfasts will be taken to their classroom where students will be given time to eat before the school day begins.

Student Dismissal

School day ends at 2:55pm.

Parent/Guardian Pickup:

  • Students being picked up by parent/guardian will be exiting the front door of the school.
  • Parent/guardians arriving before the end of the school day should wait in their vehicles in the pickup line.
  • At 2:50, a staff member will come out and radio into the school the names of students with parents that are waiting. Students will be escorted to the parent/guardian vehicles.

Bus Pick Up:

  • Students riding the bus will be escorted to the back doors at 2:55. Busses will depart Lakeview at 3:00.
  • Any bus transportation changes should be made by contacting Nelson's bus service.

Important numbers:

Nelson's bus service: (262) 473-4955

Attendance Hotline: (262) 472-8400

Lunch and Snack


  • Lunches are provided free for all students again this school year.
  • Student lunch/recesses times will be between 11:00-11:40.
  • Students will be eating lunch in the cafeteria.
  • Each morning, teachers will be taking a lunch count.
  • Lunch Menu


  • All classrooms will have a morning snack.
  • Students should supply their own snacks from home.
  • No community/classroom snacks will be shared.

Snack Milk

  • Snack milk is optional for K-5 students ($32 per semester)
  • 4K will still receive milk as part of the 4K program (no additional fee)
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottle from home.

4K Information

AM 4K 8:00-10:45am

PM 4K 12:15-3:00pm

Drop off/Pickup and bus procedures are the same as listed above.

Visitors/Volunteers in the building

To begin the 2021-22 school year, we will be allowing visitors/volunteers in the building. Any visitor/volunteer must bring a photo ID and must sign in at the main office. We will not be allowing visitors before or after school during drop off and pickup times. Accommodations can be made for special circumstances by contacting Mr. Bretl

Calendar Information

Lakeview Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, August 25: Open House and cookout 5-7pm

Wednesday, September 1: First day of school

Monday, September 6: No School- Labor Day

Wednesday, September 29: Picture Retake Day (8-12:45)

School District Calendar

COVID Information

Per the School Board decision, masking will be optional and we will respect each family's decision. As a school we will continue to practice good hand washing and sanitizing and will continue spacing students when possible. Here is the family communication that was sent out from our Superintendent, Dr. Pate-Hefty on July 30, 2021.

Good afternoon to our Whitewater Unified School District Families and other Stakeholders:

Many of our families have recently asked about our plans for masking in the Fall of 2021. It will be my recommendation to the Board on August 9th (This was accepted by the Board on August 9) that we continue with the plans that were approved in May and utilized for the final days of school through summer school- masking optional. These plans reduce quarantine, and school absences and include the following inclusive statement, "mask wearing will be a personal decision. We support family and personal choice to wear or not to wear masks. We will not tolerate bullying/harassment surrounding this choice. We will be teaching this consideration in our school community and appreciate your support at home. Please help us to build a community of acceptance."

The masking optional plan was utilized for the full 4 weeks of summer school with 550 students at the high school. We did have two asymptomatic COVID cases in summer school. While positive, there was no documented school spread. This plan was reviewed with our consulting Epidemiologist and will be reviewed ot the August 9th Board meeting.

Please enjoy August; we are looking forward to seeing you for Open Houses!

Dr. Caroline Pate-Hefty


Parent Resources:

Mr. Bretl, Principal (262) 472-8401

Mrs. DePorter, Secretary (262) 472-8400

Ms. Verduzco, Health Aide (262) 472-8490

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