Laptops=Chaos in College Education

The Effects of Having Laptops in College Education

My Perspective on Laptops in College Education

People may think the advanced technology like laptops are giving college students better education, but the truth is that these complex machines are actually affecting students badly. Experiments with shocking results have been examined, consequences were created, and furthermore, wise decisions changes people’s lives. After my research, I have to purport to the fact that laptops present a negative effect in college education, they’re like educational repellent.

Experiments with Shocking Results

Throughout my research, I came across an article that reveals an experiment with results that can help enhance my position on laptops in colleges. This part of the article reveals an experiment on how laptops are not so helpful. “A study published in the Journal of Computing in Higher Education called CPSThe Laptop and the LectureCY= examined the effects of computers in the classroom by allowing half the students in a class to use laptops during lectures, while the other half had to turn their computers off. The study concludes that students who used their computers during class scored significantly lower than students who didn’t use laptops on comprehension tests covering information from the lecture” (Study...). This part also shows the results of laptop usage. ”Even students who used their computers to look at information related to the lectured did worse on tests than students who didn’t use computers at all”(Study...). This reveals the conclusion and solution of the laptop usage. “The study concluded that even when students were looking at information relevant to the class, their attentions where divided between the lectures itself and the additional material, making it more difficult to fully understand either one. Some schools have taken to heart the message that technology in the classroom could be hurting students. So they are alternating how they teach. The Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University in Texas is one school that has made some adjustments by removing computers and equipment like DVD players and projectors from the classroom” (Study...).

There will always be Consequences

Although, laptops do give a little benefit, there will always be consequences people will have to face. This part of another article shows the consequences of playing safe with laptops. “Attempts to play it safe are proving to be too expensive for some colleges, possibly tripling the cost of data storage. Not playing it safe could also be expensive: In one province violators encounter a $500,000 fine” (Carnevale, Dan...). Also, the effects of possessing laptops in colleges are becoming horrendous; also I have come to conclude that people will use espionage on their friends and family. This sentence shows how having private info globally on laptops is a bad idea “In Nova Scotia computer records containing private information -- such as people's names, addresses, ages, education records, or financial ..., allows travel in certain situations, but generally requires that private information be stored only on computer servers that are within Canada's borders” (Carnevale, Dan...). This dialogue shows that the problem does not only occur in colleges "It just increases the probability of having a conflict of law," she says. "That's the problem." Colleges were not the only ones that had to adjust and adapt. Private companies also had to make some significant adjustments. "Some companies initially were not prepared, just as we were not prepared," says Mr. Forsyth, of Simon Fraser” (Carnevale, Dan...).

Life-Changing Decisions and Reasons

With these significant problems happening because of laptops, “There is the astronomy professor at Wake Forest who posted his lectures on the Web -- ...with whoops of joy or screams of pain over their trades. And there is the incessant clicking on campuses everywhere as students are either taking notes on their machines or using them to write exams” (Wilgoren, Jodi...).” This part of the third Source signifies the negative effects of laptops in colleges. Experts estimate that 80 percent of college students now bring a computer with them to campus. Making it a requirement means the cost can be factored in for financial aid; it also allows the university to... trade it for a new model their junior or senior year”(Wilgoren, Jodi...) This part of the source shows how laptops changed the ways of college. Life changing decisions were made, and thus, lives of important people have significantly changed for the better, “As the first laptop class graduates from Wake Forest this spring, Mr. Baumgarten said he, for one, plans to leave his computer behind” (Wilgoren, Jodi...).

The Fate of Education Depends on You

Having the ability of using laptops in colleges is becoming a critically bad thing and the problem is going to get eventually worse by every minute, future experiments will soon be analyzed, and results of high sufficiency will be concluded, extremely difficult problems are coming, and very soon, decisions that will change education shall be proposed. People should edict that laptops should not be used for education. Laptops are becoming a tumult, people are being prosaic. Important archives will be infiltrated, ascribe to the original ways of education, not the new.

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