Hide and Seek

Taya Blair

What is hide and seek

Hide and seek is a game where you pick one person out of the group to count to as high as you desire, then everyone else hides in places of their choice, but as kids they mainly just hide with each other. After the person is done counting, they come looking for everyone that is hiding. After the Seeker finds everyone then a new game is started. There are many different ways to play it, but the way I play it, is where If you are the first person found, then you are the next person to count.

What the child learns from Hide and Seek

The child learns how to find places to hide in, they use there brain to figure out the best place to hide, and not be found. They also use their counting skills, give them a number to count to and they will try their best to reach that number, but 20 is the best number for them to count to. They learn to work with others and they learn how to help others find spots to hide in.

Parents should encourage their children to play Hide and Seek

This is a good way for children to learn. I think parents should encourage their children to play Hide and Seek because it helps children use their brains on finding new strategies to hide, and finding new strategies to find the person. These are very important skills to have because it helps with other things, like doing puzzles, playing board games, and much more.