Self- Esteem

by Kevin Nyambariga

Building High Self-Esteem

Identify the source of low-esteem

Make a list of items or things that describe you and internalize meaning incorporate within oneself; make subjective or personal. If you feel anger, pain, fear or hurt but never show it, you internalize it — you keep it inside.

Identify and accept your limitations

Accept yourself for who you are now. Don't be a perfectionist. Being Perfect is one thing that every one dreams but perfectionism is rather the opposite.

Take responsibility of your decisions

As you make a decision, stick with it regardless because you looked into the consequences. Making decisions gives confidence of your own judgment.

Seek the support and guidance of mentors

find a good coach and use as multiple mentors to weigh in your pros and cons.

Set goals

make goals and make them realistic by fulfilling them and ensuring they are completed.