Typhoid fever

The history of Typhoid fever

Typhoid fever in the Ancient world

Many places in the ancient world were plagued without mercy. One is Athens which 1/3 of the population died from typhoid fever, including there leader Pericles. Also it shows that Alexander the great died from Typhoid symptoms. In the Roman empire the people of Rome were plagued by all diseases including Typhoid, with all the deaths in Rome they added up to be 33,000 per year.

In the colonies

When the first Spanish explorers first set on America they ended up spreading Typhoid fever to the native Americans. Also the Jamestown settlers were plagued by Typhoid fever after the winter.

The 19 Century

In 1862 Abraham's son died of Typhoid fever because he wasn't immune to it. In Maid stone, south east England around 2,000 people contracted Typhoid fever and 143 people died. In the Civil war many soldiers died of Typhoid fever. In the war the Union troops suffered a attack of Typhoid fever there were 75,418 cases of Typhoid fever, and 36 percent of them died. in 1897 Almroth Edward Wright made a effective vaccine to stop Typhoid fever from spreading. Karl Erberth found that Salmonella Typhi as the cause of Typhoid fever

20th century

In the 20th century Typhoid fever hit Chicago and the death rate was 174/100,000. In 1903 there was a outbreak of typhoid fever and there was 82 deaths were recorded. In world war 1 Typhoid fever was commonly found in the trenches because of the lack of clean food, and water. A new vaccine is made against typhoid fever in 1942 and is tested on 1,000,000 people and has reduced the deaths to 5 per year in the USA.

Typhoid fever today

In 2004 in the Democratic of the Congo there were 42,000 cases of Typhoid fever, and around 214 deaths were recorded.

Were is Typhoid fever commonly found?

Typhoid fever is found in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and South America, Mexico, India,Pakistan, and Egypt.

Treatments for Typhoid fever

The only treatments for Typhoid fever are Ciprofloxian, and Celfriaxon.


Typhoid fever kills around 22 million people per year.

Diseases related to Typhoid fever

2 diseases that are related to Typhoid fever are paratyphoid fever and influenza

What causes Typhoid fever?

The thing that causes Typhoid fever is Salmonella Typhi bacteria, and is transmitted from infected food or water

How typhoid fever travels

Typhoid fever travels by the feces, or stool, the Salmonella Typhi travels when eaten, drunk, and goes into the bloodstream.

How to prevent typhoid fever?

To prevent Typhoid fever you should drink clean water, wash hands, avoid raw produce, peel fruits, and avoid foods with a lot of water in them.


Symptoms are headache, weakness, dry cough, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, diarrhea, rash, rising fever, extremely distended abdomen , delirious, and the typhoid state.

Affected systems

the only system in your body that is affected is the digestive system.
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