Pregnancy hazzard


Real life Hazards

Why are STD's hazardous?

They are hazardous because they can cause certain defects in some infants, along with the disease itself. It can also cause damage to the mother as well.

How can it cause issues for mother or the baby? For the mother it can cause the following: pelvic inflammatory disease, genital cancer, damage to the liver miscarriage, or in some cases it can develop into more serious diseases such as Aids. For the child, it may cause the following:still birth, eye infections,low birth weight,physical and mental problems,blindness,warts in birth canal,herpes, and many more diseases.

How can mother's avoid getting an STD? Ask the partner to see if he/she has any diseases that could effect the child. If she does, you could still avoid the child having a disease by having a cesarian birth.

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