Minnesota Newcomers

By:Jade Sutherland

5 Facts About Minnesota

Alexander Ramsey was the Governor of Minnesota in 1850.

On May 11 1858 Minnesota became the 32 state in the union.

The Virginia was the first steamboat to make a trip up the Mississippi in Minnesota.

Many towns in Minnesota take their names from the homelands of the first settlers.

The civil was started in 1861 and lasted 4 years.

Mississippi river

The Mississippi river is the biggest river in Minnesota.The first bridge to go over the Mississippi in MN was in St.Anthony.The speed it flows at is around 1.2 miles per hour.The width in lake Itasca is 20 to 30 feet wide.

Minnesota-the place with the best farming ever!

Harriet Bishop

Harriet Bishop was Minnesota`s first official teacher. She taught unschooled children that lived in St.Paul. She knew that doing this would be a hard task but she was very determined.

Best way to travel

I think the best way to travel to Minnesota from the east is by steamboat.It can be pricey but if you save up enough money it is easier than other ways.If you do not have the money for a steamboat you could use a stagecoach.There are many routes you could take by steamboat to get here.

"When I came to Minnesota all i did was admire the scenery-It`s amazing!"