An inventory of methods and tools.

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The low skilled adults have a serious need for new methodologies, fitting the demands of the 21st century.

Adults are often unable to take part in group lessons, whether these are formal or informal, and meet the required study load. Furthermore, people with a lower level of education often have a certain resistance to the idea, due to previous experiences. Knowledge of how to use digital tools adapted to their level of education and their competencies will enhance and broaden their access to new possibilities for education and the labor market, not only in the own region but also abroad.

We are in the process of making an inventory of tools and teaching methods and sharing good practices with each other.

The "Learning Training Teaching Activity" meetings were attended by 2 participants from each partner organization, both teachers and volunteers.

Because these participants instruct 5 colleagues about how to use this tool in working with the target group, an "oil slick" effect in using digital tools takes place in the partners' organizations.

During these meetings, an expert from each partner presents different methods of teaching and a diversity of digital tools, together with new teaching methods and suggestions on how to use these tools in class.

We decided to work with mobile apps as this is the direction of the future. Having in mind we need to reach higher popularization and dissemination of the project, we aim to present them in front of various audiences thus going after continuity and feedback from many directions. We also specified how we would approach the learning process – Understanding and giving attention to implicit learning is needed to maximize the final project’s results.

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