Body & Soul Creations

Welcome to my world of Artisan Soaps and much more....

Here you will find a list of products that I make from home. You will be able to keep up to date on specials, gifts, giveaways and also new products that are always on my need to do list. I just love Artisan Soap not only do they look yummy to eat, they also smell just as good to eat. There are plenty of things here from Artisan Soaps, Balms which smell devine, and creams.

Whether you are looking for a treat for yourself, or as a gift. Im pretty sure you will be happy with the different selections that you can chose from. If there is something that you would like I can also customise to your taste.

My products have quaility ingredients. No immatation essential oils here, yes i do use palm oil in my most of products but there are some that also dont have Palm oil. I love the texture and aroma of the Palm oil.

Please if you have any enquires please dont not hesitate to contact me on my email lmesabodyandsoulcreations@gmail.com

Enjoy!!!! Enjoy!!!! and fill your house will beautiful aromas while you are in the bath.

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Come to our Facebook page!!!!

I work from home so I will not be able to provide you with an address to come and shop at, but hopefully with your support and spreading the awesome news about my L'mesa Products I hope to one day fulfill my dreams of selling my products from a little shop and bring products to my customers that they can smell each time they walk in. You will be seeing myself around at local markets or stalls that I can get my hands on and I will also notify customers where I will be through my facebook page.