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The Power Ranger Press


I hope you've had the chance to attend some of the ISOK Support Team's Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and College/Career planning sessions. We are here to help you to be successful at ISOK and in life!

In September, the ISOK Student Support Team will be leading the We Are Connected Mindset and National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month activities, and begin to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15).

Each week you'll find news, information, action items, and fun from the ISOK Student Support Team! Please read carefully and enjoy this issue of The Power Ranger Press!


Ginger Allison

ISOK Student Support Program Manager

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ISOK Student Support Team

The ISOK Student Support Team (AKA Power Rangers), is the team that offers support programming alongside your academics. Let me introduce them to you!

ISOK Student Support Program Manager

Ginger Allison,

Engagement Specialists

Brittany Eck,

Shereta Sweet,

Mona Earnest,

Megan Moser,

Career Counselors

Jason Deskin,

Abi McCalister,

Academic Counselors

Kay Walck,

Alex Orton,

Anelicia Brimacomb,

Power Ranger Highlight of the Week: Mr. Deskin

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Register for Tools & Hacks 4 Student Parents at:

Strong Start Requirements

ALL students are required to complete the following Strong Start actvities:

  • Strong Start Connection Call with CFA
  • Attend Strong Start Live Orientation Session
  • Strong Start Online Learning Course
  • Strong Start Star 360 Reading Growth Assessment
  • Strong Start Star 360 Math Growth Assessment
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Required Assessments in Star360

All students in 9th-12th grades will take Star360 assessments this year for math and reading. These will be taken in August, December, and May. Additionally, all students will be taking a USA Test Prep assessment in October and March to ensure students are meeting their grade level standards and to simulate state testing. These assessments are required and help our teachers target instruction to meet students’ needs and ensure growth. It is important that students complete these assessments on their own, without assistance from learning coaches or other sources.

Your teachers will also send out information to complete Star360 assessments, but students may begin now to complete them. The deadline for taking the Star360 assessment was August 14. If you have not completed this assessment yet, it is extremely overdue!

· Log in website:

• Username: Your Student ID (ex: 123456)

• Password: Your first name in lowercase and last 3 numbers of your Student ID (ex: phillip456)

• Everyone will take a Star Reading test and a Star Math test (do not take Early Literacy).

• Honest efforts rewarded – Do your best (how much time you take on it is monitored), complete it, and receive points upon completion.

If you get kicked out and it asks for a Monitor Password, that password is: admin

Upcoming Student Support Schedule:

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ACT Testing Dates

11th and 12th graders interested in a college pathway and/or concurrent enrollment will need to take the ACT test. Sign-up information below.

ISOK Weekly Announcement

ISOK HS Monday Video Announcement 9/28/2020

Learning Coach Action Items:

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Student Needs Assessment Survey

The ISOK Student Support Team has created a survey to identify students' needs. This information is completely confidential and will be strictly used for screening purposes only, so that we can offer community resource connections and better serve your students. Please complete the survey by following the link below.

Media Release Form

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