Extreme Soccer Fans

Do they take it too far???

Heated fans...

Soccer games could be fun! However, during heated matches, some fans will take the sport to extreme measures...

The Guardian: Manchester city fans attacked in Seville

"Chairs were being thrown, and one man suffered a head wound" (Guardian 1).

This shows that some fans start to fight and take it to extreme measures, causing people to end up getting hurt.

Four Four Two: Active support groups can lead to another Cornulla riots

"Clifford also claimed the Sydney derby was a 'new low' with brawls, flares, and around 130 seats damaged." (Manuca 6)

When fans start arguing, it could lead to a heated match with aggressive fights and property damages.

Screamer: Spanish Hooligans Brawl

"200 or so rival fans decided to stage an actual fight, which resulted in knife wounds, head injuries, and one man thrown into a river." (Haisley 2).

Their compassion for their team can drive the fans to take circumstances to extreme measures, even to the point where death can occur.

By Eesa and Matthew


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Manchester City fans and Sevilla fans BEFORE MATCH