Crazy Coal

Why Coal is Cool

Is it renewable?

Coal is a nonrenewable resource. We use coal faster than we can replace it. Don't worry though right now we have plenty of coal to support us for many years to come. It is natural from swamp trees and plants dying,sinking down to the bottom. Over time layers will form above the dead trees and plants then the pressure will form coal,

Where is coal found on earth?

Coal s found in many places on earth. When we find coal we build mines. We used to send in miners to work all day mining the coal, getting diseases like black lung, but now a days the miners use machinery to help out!

How Does Coal Work to Produce Energy for Individuals?

When you burn coal, the electricity from the coal is the electric power made from the energy stored inside. Carbon gives coal most of its energy. The energy from the coal is released when it is burned.

What is Coal Used For?

Coal is used for, electricity, paper, brick, limestone and cement. Even though coal is used for electricity, only a small amount is used for heating homes and buildings.

Are There Products Created Through Coal?

92% of coal is used for electricity.The ash of coal can be used to build stuff. Some coal can be used for natural gas, gasoline or diesel fuel. It is also used for chemicals such as medicines, paint thinner, and varnish.

Who Uses Coal?

Companies use coal for electricity amd to burn them for hot air. People use coal to warm their houses. Steam trains use coal to power their engines, and com

The Cost Benefit to Using Coal

Coal is found on every 70% on Earth's continents. Coal is very effective in the U.S. Many people use it for electricity. I could not find much information on coal.
Coal Ash Regulations: Health, Economic and Environmental Effects

Advantages and Disadvantages of Coal

Advantages: It is found everywhere, it produces energy such as electricity, and it is cheap.

Disadvantage: It causes diseases such as black lung, it can pollute the air when you burn it, and it causes acid rain.