Taking Japanese Classes

In America

Classes vs. studying by yourself

While many people have their own opinions about taking classes and spending large quantities of money to learning the basics of Japanese and studying by yourself for free.

It's all about perspective, some say it's a waste of time because the teachers don't teach you correc Japanese since they think you can't understand it so they simplify it. But studying by yourself, you can advance with correct Japanese and eventually become fluent.

Though some classes do actually teach correct Japanese. It's extremely expensive; and studying by yourself, you can't tell which is which and you must have a lot of free time.

Can I sign up for other cultural Japanese lessons?

JASWDC and other societies offer other lessons from the Japanese culture with shodo or caligraphy, yoga while learning Japanese, a monthly kimono class, and monthly edo tsumami kanzashi class.

How do I apply?

Using The Japan America Society of Chicago (JASC) as an example, follow the link where it says "To Pay By PayPal Click Here", fill out the info and register, more in depth questions such as address, name, phone number, and etc.

Where can I take Japanese classes?

Some of the more popular places that have Japanese courses are The Japan America Society of Chicago (http://www.jaschicago.org/language-courses/japanese-classes/ ), The Japan-America Society of Georgia (http://jasgeorgia.org/eng/node/49), The Japan America Society of Washington D.C (http://www.jaswdc.org/page-1451140), and others.

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