Twitter Days of Christmas

Curtis Innovators Join Us for 12 Days of Tweeting fun

Twelve Days of Twitter Challenge

Twelve Days of Twitter Challenge

This challenge is designed to continue to expose you to the beauty of Twitter. You can be cool and young by using Twitter instead of Facebook but you can also learn from some of the very best educators across the world. Whether you have been on Twitter for years or have just started this year, this challenge will continue to expose the reason why Twitter is one of the best professional development tools available. While you are learning from other educators across the globe, you can also get a peek into other Curtis staff members' learning and classrooms by following our staff development - sharing resources with hashtag #. You can also get those brags out there with our hashtag #curtises and #whywisd.

Day 1- Thursday, December 3rd

Day 1 Challenge- Join Twitter.

Several Curtis Staff Members are already on Twitter! Great Job! If you are not, Day One is for you!

Day One Challenge - Join Twitter!

If you have already joined twitter, your challenge is to update your profile picture so it is not an "egg". No one wants to tweet with an egg. If you already have a profile picture in place, change it up with a new pic or background picture.

Day 2- Friday, December 4th

Day 2 Challenge- Take a Selfie.

To complete this challenge take a selfie with your team, a teammate or a colleague. Take time to brag about them as you post it to Twitter with our staff brag hashtag #curtises.

Day 3- Monday, December 7th

Congratulations on surviving the first two days of the 12 Days of Twitter Challenge. Hopefully the weekend recharged the battery for the final seven days of the Twitter Challenge and the first semester of school.

Day Three Challenge - Join the #curtiselstaffchat.

To complete this challenge all you need to do is let everyone know you are following along with the chat. (See example below)

Hi! I am Lorie, principal at Curtis Elementary. #curtiselstaffchat.

Of course you would put your name and your position.

Support staff, we'd also like for you to join in and introduce yourself. It will be a great introduction to you of Twitter chats.

Day 4- Tuesday, December 8th

Day 4 Challenge - Share the Learning

To complete today's challenge, take a picture of the learning that is happening with your Ss in your classroom or learning that you see taking place throughout the building and post it to Twitter (Tweet It) with the share our campus hashtag #curtises

Be sure to check Ss authorization to publish. If they are unable to have their picture posted, you can utilize cover-ups and shown in the example below.

Big image

Day 5- Wednesday, December 9th

Day 5 Challenge - Retweet the Learning

To complete today's challenge, find a tweet using the #curtises hashtag that was tweeted yesterday (Day 4 Challenge) and retweet (RT) one that you like. (One is the minimum. Feel free to RT more)

Day 6- Thursday, December 10th

Day 6 Challenge - Find a Twitter Chat

Twitter has 100s of Twitter Chats where educators gather to share their knowledge. Click below to find a chat you are interested in joining.

To complete this challenge, you need to tweet a "chat" you are going to participate in or at least follow along with and what day/time it begins with the #curtiselstaffchat hashtag. See the example below:

I'm participating in #edchat on Tuesday at 7PM.

Of course you can select any chat you would like. Find more in the chat calendar below:

Day 7- Friday, December 11th

Day 7 Challenge - Mention a Colleague

To mention someone who is on Twitter you use the "@" symbol with their Twitter name.

For example:


To complete this challenge you will need to mention a colleague on Twitter who works at Curtis. Tell them hello, wish them Merry Christmas or thank them for being a great colleague. What you say is up to you. Just be sure to mention someone you work with.

Day 8- Monday, December 14th

Wow, you've made it through the first seven days of our 12 Days of Twitter Challenge. Only five more days remain. I know you've got it in you to begin with the end in mind and finish strong.

Day 8 Challenge - Follow 2 Curtis Staff

You have spent some time getting acquainted with Twitter and now it is time to increase who you follow. Using the hashtag #curtiselstaffchat, find two Curtis staff memebers you do not currently follow and follow them.

(If someone follows you, be sure to follow them back) Build Your Professional Learning Network (PLN)

Day 9- Tuesday, December 15th

Day 9 Challenge - Your Grade Level or Subject

Search for your specific subject or grade level. Follow at least two people who tweet interesting things about it. Please avoid following organizations and companies. (They often use Twitter to promote themselves, and are NOT discerning about content.)

Day 10- Wednesday, December 16th

Day 10 Challenge - Sharing is Caring

Find an interesting article on the internet. Copy the url address. Now open a new tweet. Write a short message and then paste the url into your tweet. Twitter should shorten it, so don’t worry if it’s too long or if it looks different! Be sure to include our staff growth hashtag #curtiselstaffchat to get those conversations going.

Day 11- Thursday, December 17th

Day 11 Challenge - Good Bye 2015, Hello 2016

You've almost made It! Tomorrow is the final day of the Twitter Challenge and the last day of the 2015 school year. The next time your students are in your classroom it will be 2016.

Now's the time to let us know what your New Year's Resolution will be.

To complete today's challenge, tweet what your New Year's Resolution will be and include the hashtag #curtiselstaffchat so we can grow together.

Day 12- Friday, December 18th

Day 12 Challenge - Party Day

You've Made it! Today is class party day.

To complete today's challenge, tweet a photo of the craft or an activity your students will be completing during their party or in class today. We made such strides in our Twitter use this year, let's continue sharing our campus story with parents and students as well. Be sure to use the hashtag #curtises today and work together to brand our school.

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