More Progress Needed

Bigger Steps Need To Be Taken

Source #3: Postpartum Depression: One Mom's Mission Becomes a Movement (Article)

3. Position: Moms discuss the severity of the depression and anxiety they had experienced after giving birth, and how lightly they were brushed off by others. While there is more awareness today for postpartum depression compared to back then, more progress is still needed.

  • From: CNN Wire
  • Author: Kelly Wallace, CNN

Supporting Details:

  • "women are still getting treated horribly, there's still stigma, they're not getting the right kind of help," (page 4 of 5)
  • 85% of women who ever get a perinatal mood/anxiety disorder never get treated
  • no treatment=illness is lifetime, and also threatens the health of the children

My Analysis:

This article yet again explains another stigma surrounding another type of mental illness. We live in a world of followers, where if others say, "Oh she's fine," we go along with it because of the lack of knowledge we have. This subject does not draw much attention, which needs to change because of the people being affected. Programs to help teach others about this topic will give the attention it needs, so that the treatments will actually be given to those who need them.

The Opposition

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