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Weekly Blog December 15-19, 2014

Showing off our Van Gogh

Students are so proud of their Van Gogh inspired masterpieces. We decided when it gets a little warmer that we are going to plant sunflowers to grow in eco-village. We were encouraged by VanGogh's Vase of 12 Sunflowers but realized that we couldn't quite fit 12 on our canvases. The multi-step process was a great learning process for the students in the use of paint as they realized that between each step we had to wait for the previous color to dry. We also learned the importance of including a background in art and that it gives the painting dimension. Students enjoyed color mixing blue, white, green and yellow to create the aqua background color. We also mixed orange, yellow and added a little glitter paint to create just the write color for the vases! The story studio looks so bright and cheery. We feel it can hold a candle to any art gallery!!!

Open Studio Field Trip

An excerpt from our visit

We had a fantastic experience at Open Studio this morning. We began our morning at The Real Juice Bar with Sue and Katherine! We learned how to make water kefir, and almond milk. We tasted smoothies with pineapple, banana, water kefir and micro-greens, we sampled raw granola with almond milk giving our body some wholesome, clean, brain food! Everything was so delicious and nutritious and made or grown right at Englewood's own Open Studio. The adventure continued as we visited Mary and Bob at the pottery studio. Students were thrilled to see the pottery wheel in action. They watched in amazement as the pot began to take shape. We each had a turn to "love" and "mold" the pottery as it spun on the wheel. We are so thankful for our experience and we can't wait to go back again. Many of our parents are interested in taking classes as well!

This field trip was a perfect experience to support our Reggio Emilia philosophy. During the visit students explored two different types of Ateliers (art studio) The juice bar a culinary atelier and the pottery studio gaining rewarding experiences from both. Students were allowed to create, ask questions, explore while learning new ideas and having experiences with a variety of materials. The experience today spoke to the children's 100 languages of learning. The term "hundred languages of children" refers to the many ways that children have of expressing themselves. Providing children different avenues for thinking, revising, constructing, negotiating, developing and symbolically expressing their thoughts and feelings. A hundred different ways of thinking, of discovering, of learning. Through drawing and sculpting, through dance and movement, through painting and pretend play, through modeling and music, and that each one of these Hundred Languages must be valued and nurtured.

Learning Labs

This week was about tying up loose ends, finishing projects, taking care of the playscape before our busy new year is here. Students were delighted to see the gingerbread houses that Miss Terra brought in which supported Pine View School and Venice Community Youth Development Centers. The yearly display of Gingerbread houses happens every year at Sarasota Square Mall and funds support local organizations who participate. TerraNichol Academy is looking forward to participating next year with an entry. The students were amazed by the details of the gingerbread houses. Even the squirrels seem to enjoy stealing the "shingles" off of the roof! We planted some potatoes and hope that we will be able to observe them grow from root to plant. We completed a KWL chart and it seems like we have some natural born gardeners in our presence! We have been enjoying working our gross motor muscles and coordination while biking and completing obstacle courses too!
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