The Dromornis stirtoni

An Obituary by William Dempsey T2

The Dromornis stirtoni was one of the largest birds that ever lived. He lived around fifteen million years ago, during the Miocene Epoch Era, but sadly passed away with the rest of his species around three million years ago. He lived all over Australia, but mostly stayed in the northern part. He never traveled anywhere else.

The Dromornis was an extremely large bird. He was about ten feet tall, and weighed around 500 pounds, giving him the nicknames The Giant Demon Duck of Doom and The Thunder Bird. He had a large, powerful beak and an extremely long neck. He had tiny wings, so he could not fly, but he did have powerful legs that allowed him to run very fast. He was covered in brown feathers, and his beak was a bright yellowish-orange color. He looked very similar to an emu or an ostrich, but he was actually closest related to geese.

The Dromornis was a very mysterious bird, and not much is known about his life. We do know that the Dromornis lived in forests for most of his life, usually staying near other Dromornis. He spent most of his life picking and eating fruit and running from predators. He eventually went extinct for unknown reasons. Rest in peace, Dromornis!


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